Key municipal by-laws


Municipal by-laws guide citizens in their day-to-day lives. The Lac des Deux-Montagnes Police Board is entrusted with the application of some municipal by-laws, notably those relating to disturbances, security, parks and animals. To view them, go to your municipality’s website. A process leading to the harmonization of the municipal by-laws of the Board’s four member-municipalities is currently underway.

Constitutes a nuisance. Producing any noise that disturbs a neighbourhood’s peace and quiet is prohibited

Constitutes an offence. Insulting or swearing at a Police Department’s peace officer, official or municipal employee in the exercise of his functions is prohibited.

It is forbidden for any person to be in a school, schoolyard or on the grounds of a school or school board, without good reason.

Constitutes an offence. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in a public place is prohibited.

Constitutes an offence. Urinating or defecating in a public or private place other than a facility designed for that purpose is prohibited.

Constitutes a nuisance. It is prohibited to draw, paint or mark any building or item on public or private property including, but not limited to: poles, trees, wires, statues, benches, fences, streets, sidewalks or other orderly assembly of materials used as support.

It is prohibited to allow an animal to roam on a street, in an alley, public place or private property other than his owner’s property, home or dependency.

For a dog to bark, howl or cause noise that disturbs the peace and tranquillity and annoys one or more persons constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited.

The guardian of a dog, other than a guide dog, is required to immediately pick up and clean up, using all appropriate means, his animal’s droppings on private or public property. Failure to do so constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited.

Being in a park with your pet, native or not, is prohibited and constitutes an offence when a sign barring animals is posted at the park’s entrance.

Parking is prohibited on public roads at places, and on days and times specified in each municipality’s by-laws.

Parking on a given municipality’s public roads is prohibited from midnight to 7 a.m., during the period specified in its by-laws.

Parking is authorized in the parking areas of boat launches identified by each municipality provided citizens have first obtained the required sticker from the town hall. The sticker must be placed visibly on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Parks are closed to the public between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily. Entering or being in a park during these times is prohibited and constitutes an offence.

To retrieve a vehicle from the municipal pound, its owner or the owner’s representative with a power of attorney, must go to the police station during business hours. The one who is to drive the vehicle must have a valid driver’s license. Once the required charges have been paid, the vehicle can be released. If the vehicle is barred by the SAAQ from being driven, it must be towed away from the pound.

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